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Nakhoda® V Open Boat Series

V 380

V 380


NAKHODA V380 is based on the appearance of a wooden boat. It adopts a lighter aluminum process. Users no longer need to repair leaks, drying and deal with other tedious processes like wooden boats year after year. The value retention of second-hand circulation in the later period is also higher than wooden boats. If you have a reasonable budget, you can choose the NAKHODA V380 aluminum alloy boat. Let’s start the NAKHODA journey together.

  • Model:V380 
  • Length:3800mm 
  • Beam:1500mm 
  • Sides:50mm 
  • Transon Height: 380mm
  • Total Wt. Per Cap:4
  • Maximum HP:15hp


    • Bilge plug
    • All-Welded Construction
    • Complex foam filling
    • Bow Eye
    • Rear handrail


        • Wrapping
        • Boat Cover
        • Rear Ladder
        • Autobilge pump
        • Fishing Deck
        • Anti-slip floor tape



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