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Nakhoda® FX Bass Series




      Integrating state-of-the-art hull technology from the United States, the NAKHODA FX series bass boats have been enhanced with innovative features tailored to domestic preferences—all delivered at an affordable price point. Boasting a length of 6.50meters and an impressive width of 2.48meters, these vessels offer ample integrated waterproof storage within, complemented by a robust design featuring a spacious flat deck. The sleek and efficient hull design ensures a swift, secure, and seamless journey to and from your destination. Welcome to the new era of NAKHODA FX series—where cutting-edge design meets practical functionality.

    • Model: FX300C/DC Bass Boat 
    • Length: 6500mm
    • Beam: 2480mm
    • Sides: 102-185mm
    • Transom Height: 580mm
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 280L
    • Total Wt. Per Cap: 4
    • Fiber Gauge: 6-15mm
    • Maximum HP: 300CE/300ZC

    * Higher horsepower rating requires hydraulic steering purchase
    * Photos may include optional equipment 


    Standard  Features
    • Highl Performance hull design
    • Front and rear EVA anti-slip pads
    • FLAKES lines on the sides of the hull
    • Fiberglass driving station with brown windshield
    • double hull structure
    • Integral polyurethane foam infusion
    • Embedded foot pedal design
    • Adjustable height fishing chair
    • Lockable front deck
    • 2 rear deck storage boxes
    • 8 square foot control cable
    • 120CM circulating water live fish bin
    • Automatic draining bilge pump
    • Fishing rod compartment with lock
    • Voltmeter and oil level gauge
    • step cooler
    • Cup holders for driver and passenger
    • Cockpit Seateck rubber pad
    • Concealed stainless steel cable hitch
    • 10" TMC jackplate MT 


    • Bluetooth speakers and waterproof players
    • Control system
    • Storage warehouse, control console, live fish warehouse lighting
    • 10" hydraulic  engine mount
    • Live fish warehouse water pump drainage
    • Live fish storage oxygen pump
    • EVA deck
    • Foot controls over 80 pounds use a 10 square meter power cord
    • Hotfoot foot throttle
    • Rear deck luxury folding seats
    • Co-pilot's station


    TMC customized trailer (optional)

    • Single axis customization
    • Biaxial customization
    • Trailer spare tire
    • Hydraulic impact brake (double axle for front wheel)
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  • Console

    In our pursuit of elevating the luxury and value of your Bass Boat, we replaced the conventional plastic console with a more refined combination of fiberglass and high-quality paint.

  • Metal Fittings

    As a development team actively engaged in fishing tournaments, we prioritize the durability of our rods. To avoid any risk of breakage due to inadequately designed line pegs, we've incorporated a standard hidden feature for enhanced reliability.

  • Passenger

    Engaging in customary fishing activities alongside our compatriots, it is essential to provide them with a comfortable and convenient space for the journey. Our companions are integral to the joy of every fishing expedition.

  • The Hull

    Restore imported high-performance fluid dynamic hulls, achieving unparalleled stability and high-speed capabilities. Effortlessly navigate various water conditions, smoothly gliding without unnecessary splashes, providing a superior driving experience.

  • VIP Technology

    Utilizing VIP technology, NAKHODA constructs the FX series bass boats with higher quality, resulting in lighter-weight products that exhibit increased strength. The precise budgeting of resin usage, along with uniform resin distribution on fiberglass, ensures consistent impregnation speed and content. This approach not only allows for effective control over product thickness but also contributes to saving costs and time in mold manufacturing. VIP technology, originally applied in specialized fields such as aerospace, has gradually extended to high-demand civilian products.

  • FRP

    Composite fibers possess high tolerance against sports fatigue, and each FX series bass boat strictly adheres to rigorous manufacturing standards with uniform material thickness. Scientifically integrated manufacturing is infused into every detail, ensuring a safeguarded and reliable experience for FX boat owners.