The core of each Nakhoda® aluminum boat is crafted using high-quality materials by proficient artisans. Our aluminum boats, constructed with precision welding, are engineered to provide robust and enduring performance, ensuring reliability that transcends from one season to the next.

  • Optimized S.T Hull Design
  • Premium All-Welded Aluminum
  • Polyurethane Foam Infusion
  • 316 Stainless Steel Accessories
  • Luxurious Fiberglass Console
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Note: Nakhoda® X165 is showcased in this video.


We take pride in offering a diverse spectrum of boat series tailored to suit every maritime enthusiast. Discover your perfect vessel and embark on a tailored boating experience with Nahkoda®.

FX Bass Series


ST Hull Bass Series


V Open Boat Series


U8 Jon Boat Series


Bass Series



Prepare to be awestruck as we introduce the FX150C/DC Fiberglass Bass Boat, a true marvel in the world of high-performance angling. Crafted from top-tier fiberglass, this bass boat sets new standards in durability, speed, and maneuverability.

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What insights do professional anglers possess about investing in a fishing boat that you might not? They are aware of the four premium attributes that position Nakhoda® as their most significant asset on the water, making it an excellent investment.

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Exceptional Performance!!!

Thrilled with my Nakhoda aluminum bass boat! Its S.T Hull design delivers unmatched stability, making every fishing trip a breeze. The all-welded construction ensures durability, and the competitive pricing adds incredible value to this high-performance gem!

Luxury on the Water!!!

Nakhoda's attention to detail is evident in every 316 stainless steel accessory. The fiberglass console adds a touch of luxury, making my boating experience not only reliable but also stylish. An investment that truly stands out on the water!